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Our Services

About Apex Freight Service Solutions

Site Deliveries

We deliver to site. We can achieve 24-hour turnaround on freight to certain areas - give us a call to see how
soon we can deliver your order.

Back Loads

We can offer exceptional pricing for freight from Brisbane to Rockhampton - Get a price today

1-38 Tonne Carrying Capacity

Apex Freight has a range of truck sizes for any sized cartage requirement from a 2-tonne truck to a 26 meter B double with a carrying capacity of 38-tonnes.

Crane & Body Trucks

Body trucks available equipped with an all-terrain forklift and a crane to cover difficult and tight site requirements.

Modern Fleet

Apex Freight has a modern well-maintained fleet of trucks. Each truck has a GPS tracking device that enables the ability to inform customers where their freight is at any time.

Brick & Block Transport Specialists

Apex Freight's specialty is building sites and civil project sites. We transport all our sister company's blocks & bricks - We sure know what it takes!

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